wb2dot - Service

Author: Michael Höhl
Last modified 15 April 1998

Submit a textual WB-Graph and receive its PostScript version

To use wb2dot-Service you have to follow these steps:
  1. Either you already have a textual WB-Graph or you may download an example of the textual WB-Graphs below by clicking on the name while holding the SHIFT key pressed, and save it on your computer / file system.
    1. Cali
    2. Nagoya
    3. Warsaw
  1. Enter the complete pathname of the textual WB-Graph you want to submit into the text field just right of the text saying "Textual WB-Graph:" or click on the button reading "Browse..." and select the appropriate file.
  2. Adjust the options to your likings.
  3. Press the button labelled "Submit". You may have to wait a while before you see the results. Your file will be transferred to our system, so wb2dot-Service can process it. There it gets stored under "cgiNUMBER-NAME" where NUMBER is a unique Process-ID to avoid name conflicts and NAME is the original name of your file. This implies you get a different name when you submit the same file a second time. To inform you about errors that occurred while wb2dot was parsing your file, its output is displayed. After a succesful run, a link appears giving you the possibility to download and save the resulting PostScript WB-Graph. Its name will start with "final-cgiNUMBER". All temporary files get automatically deleted. When you download the resulting graph it will be deleted, too.
Please consult the wb2dot manual for a comprehensive description of its abilities and options and to get an impression of what wb2dot is capable of. Motto: Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas.
Textual WB-Graph:
You may choose from the following options:

Comments, bug reports and suggestions for enhancements are welcome.
Michael Höhl, 1998-04-02