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Computer-Related Incidents with Commercial Aircraft

Peter B. Ladkin compiled the compendium and wrote the commentary, except where otherwise stated. Hiroshi Sogame provided accident reports and digitised reports and graphics. Jan Hennig restructured the compendium in 2005.

This archive contains digitised official reports and information such as commentaries, research papers and discussions. The goal of the archive is to provide a resource supporting safety education and research. We invite critique, commentary and other feedback.

The use of the word `Incident' in the title means `accident or incident' as defined in Section 9.2 of Nancy G. Leveson, Safeware, Addison-Wesley, 1995, ISBN 0-201- 11972-2.


08 August 2007 Our longtime correspondent Robert Dorsett has recently completed a digitisation and archiving of some 1100 or so aviation accident reports from 1965 to 1996 and offers the archive on CD. This project has stretched over many years. We unreservedly recommend this archive to anyone concerned with commercial aviation accidents. One may purchase the CD at a nominal price (considering the amount of work that has gone into it) at PBL

08 August 2007 I have added today the official reports into the October 2004 A320 runway overrun at Taipei-Sungshan, and the March 1998 A320 runway overrun at Bacolod. These appear to have some relevance to the 17 July 2007 runway overrun accident to a TAM A320 at Sao Paolo Congonhas airport. Also the U.K. AAIB Bulletin 2/2005 which reports the results of an investigation into an A320 braking problem on landing at Cardiff in August 2003. I have also added the September 2006 midair collision between GOL Flight 1907 and an Embraer Legacy business jet over the Amazon jungle in Brazil, with a copy of the NTSB's Factual Report, and a link to Jörn Stuphorn's Why-Because Analysis of the accident from public information. PBL

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